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What is an Exit Game?

60 minutes of fun, puzzles, logic & excitement

Hosted in one of the best cities in the World

Lincoln offers an experience rich in history combined with independent boutique shopping, great arts and culture and a wealth of places to eat and drink.

Who can play exit games?

Families, friends, colleagues, couples, almost anyone!  Recommended for people aged 14 and up, as well as both the able-bodied and those with mobility issues, the exit games at Tension are suitable.

Typically played in groups of 2 – 5, the whole experience is a fun way to spend an hour and will leave you talking about it for days afterward!

As long as 1 member of your team can read English, then you’re sure to have a chance of solving the clues.

How do you play?

Quite simply, the idea is to complete the mission in 60 minutes, and ONLY 60 minutes.  Tick tock….. To do this, you’ll have to solve puzzles, use your deductive powers and work as a team to piece everything together.  The game is played in a themed room.  A description of the rooms and the story behind each can be found below. You are not left unaided though, one of our Agents will be there if you need any help!

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Today while hosting Cherry Driving Schools Team Building Day we had the pleasure of been filmed by The Lincolnite

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It’s been a pleasure to host Cherry Driving Schools Team Building Day, there’s been plenty of fun had by all

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Room 1
Magna Carta

The Lincoln Cathedral’s Magna Carta is one of only four remaining original examples, sealed by the authority of King John in 1215. It was being held at the Castle…. until recently when it was stolen!

We have received a threat from Blofielt, that will undermine democracies worldwide, as he plans to destroy the Magna Carta.

Your mission is to locate this document and secure its location. However, Blofielt has attached a bomb to it and you must safely disarm it so our historical team can recover the document.

This is a good room for first timers and families! Max People – 5

Room 2
Lancaster: Saving Thumper

On a dark, cold, rainy night, Mr. Blofielt entered Mayors Manor, under the cover of darkness. His intent was to steal a family heirloom, Thumper, named after the Avro Lancaster, the Pride of the air force during the Battle of Britain.

He entered the Trophy room where Thumper was stored, Took the priceless heirloom and flew away into the night.

Secret service has located the safe house where Thumper is now hidden. To retrieve her we need you, Agents, to burst into Luther’s private storeroom, hidden in Blofielts’ secret lair, and take back that which has been stolen.

Recommended for Experienced Teams. Max People – 5

Room 3
Time Machine

The ‘Mother’ Tank Made in the city of Lincoln is often seen as the turning point in the first world war and was very significant in the Allies Victory of the Germans in 1918.

Blofielt has built a Time Machine… he intends to go back in history, he has stolen the blueprints and plans on giving them to the Germans in 1914, thereby changing the course of history, making Angela Merkel Supreme Leader of Europe and destroying Great Britain for ever.

Your mission is to disable the time machine before it too late. You have one hour.

This is a good room for first timers and families! Max People – 5

Room 4
The Imp

Mr Blofelt has been hiding a secret.  A dark secret.  His son is, in fact, Luther, lord of darkness and hell!

Using his devilish powers, Luther has trapped a certain angel inside a mausoleum.  Unfortunately for us, this same angel was the one responsible for keeping the Lincoln Imp imprisoned in stone.  The imp is now running riot and trashing a church near the mausoleum and we have no way of subduing him.

We need you, our special agents, to release the angel from her imprisonment, as only she has the power to turn the Imp back into stone, allowing you to retrieve the scoundrel.

Recommended for larger or more experienced teams! Max people – 6

Now Open

Room 5

The Victorian Inquisition

Mary Leffley, of Wrangle in Lincolnshire, is a 49-year-old woman, who lived with her husband William, in a freehold cottage.

That was until William was murdered, poison, and Mary will be tried and hung for this crime… which she did not commit!

Now she makes her way to the gallows, without a lot of time left to live, you are tasked with finding the true murderer, and stop her untimely demise!

Search her home for answers Agents, as Mary knows who murdered William and the answer could be closer to home that we’d think. Once you find the truth within we will inform the hangman, so you can hold his noose in victory!

Recommended for Experienced Teams. Max People – 5


Fancy pitting your wits against a room?

Before booking your room please read carefully.

Booking a room at Tension Exit Games begins the adventure…

When yopu book, you will be asked for a mobile number. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE MOBILE NUMBER YOU GIVE IS OF A PHONE YOU WILL HAVE WITH YOU ON THE DAY.  Before your time slot, we will text you. The text will include your  first clue.  Once you have solved your first clue that we send you and you have accessed the building, you will enter our waiting area.  Whilst waiting we suggest that you choose a team leader.

Five minutes before your mission time, you will be collected by a senior Secret Service agent who will give you a mission briefing.

Please note:  Tension Exit Games is an immersive, experience… We are special agents defending a country under attack… and you are our new recruits!

The cost is £17.50 per person per game.  However, there is a minimum of a two person booking which will cost £40.00 per game.  Therefore, for example, a room with 3 people will cost £52.50, with 4 people will cost £70.00 etc. Children under the age of 10 can join you for free!


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Room 1: Magna Carta

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Room 2: Lancaster: Saving Thumper

Room 3: Time Machine

Room 4: The Imp

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