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What is an Exit Game?

60 minutes of fun, puzzles, logic & excitement


Hosted in one of the best cities in the World

Lincoln offers an experience rich in history combined with independent boutique shopping, great arts and culture and a wealth of places to eat and drink.

Who can play exit games?

Families, friends, colleagues, couples, almost anyone!  From 6 to a 106, able bodied and those with mobility issues , the exit games at Tension are suitable.

Typically played in groups of 2 – 5, the whole experience is a fun way to spend an hour and will leave you talking about it for days afterwards!

As long as 1 member of your team can read English, then you’re sure to have a chance of solving the clues.

How do you play?

Quite simply, the idea is to complete the mission in 60 minutes, and ONLY 60 minutes.  Tick tock….. To do this, you’ll have to solve puzzles, use your deductive powers and work as a team to piece everything together.  The game is played in a themed room.  A description of the rooms and the story behind each can be found below.


Room 1
Magna Carta

The Magna Carta has been stolen and is being held ransom.

You have one hour to save the Document.

Your Mission is to stop the document being destroyed….Follow the trail of clues left by the blackmailer. Solve the mystery and save democracy.

Room 2
Lancaster: Saving Thumper

Luther Blofelt has taken Thumper, the last flying Lancaster bomber.

Our spies have located where Thumper is being held.  It’s on a private airfield.  However, the keys are nowhere to be found.

We’ve received intelligence that there’s a safe house, a mile or so away from the airfield.  We require agents to scout out this building and to hopefully find the keys to Thumper.  You have to stop Luther flying away with this most treasured aircraft.

Room 3
Time Machine

An attempt to change the outcome of the First world war has been discovered.  A team of Special Agents has to stop the conspirators going back in history and stealing the plans for “Mother”, the worlds first Tank, designed and built in Lincoln.

The conspirators intend to steal the plans and give them to the Germans.

Your mission is to disable the time machine before it too late. You have one hour.

Room 4
The Imp

Mr Blofelt has been hiding a secret.  A dark secret.  His son is in fact Luther, lord of darkness and hell!

Using his devilish powers, Luther has trapped a certain angel inside a mausoleum.  Unfortunately for us, this same angel was the one responsible for keeping the Lincoln Imp imprisoned in stone.  The imp is now running riot and trashing a church near the mausoleum and we have no way of subduing him.

We need you, our special agents, to release the angel from her imprisonment, as only she has the power to turn the Imp back into stone, allowing you to retrieve the scoundrel.

Fancy pitting your wits against a room?

Before booking your room please read carefully.

Booking a room at Tension Exit Games begins the adventure…

During booking you will be asked for a mobile number. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE MOBILE NUMBER YOU GIVE IS OF A PHONE YOU WILL HAVE WITH YOU ON THE DAY.  Before your time slot we will text you. The text will include your team name and your first clue.  Once you have solved your first clue that we send you and you have accessed the building, you will enter our waiting area.  Whilst waiting we suggest that you choose a team leader.

Five minutes before your mission time, you will be collected by a senior Secret Service agent who will give you a mission briefing.  You will then be asked to place your personal effects in a secure locker, along with next of kin details (Just in case!).

Please note:  Tension Exit Games is an immersive, experience … don’t expect “hello and nice to meet you”. We are special agents defending a country under attack… and you are our new recruits!

The cost is £17.50 per person per game.  However there is a minimum of a two person booking which will cost £40.00 per game.  Therefore, for example, a room with 3 people will cost £52.50, with 4 people will cost £70.00 etc.

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